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10 Tips to Mastering Multi-Park Adventures

Hey there Park Hoppers!

As we are aware, Disney World isn't just a park; it's a HUGE kingdom (around 27,000 acres worth) of dreams spanning multiple realms, each with its unique flavor of magic. Navigating these realms in one trip can be exhilarating, but also a little bit daunting. Here are our Top 10 tips to mastering the art of park hopping. Happy travels!

1. Know Your Parks:
  • Magic Kingdom: The classic fairy tale experience filled with fan favorites such as Dumbo and Peter Pan’s Flight!.
  • EPCOT: A blend of future tech and world cultures, with fun activities such as ‘Eating around the World’ in the World Showcase or riding on Guardians of the Galaxy!.
  • Hollywood Studios: For the movie buff and Star Wars enthusiast- you’ll find Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge here!
  • Animal Kingdom: A wild adventure with a touch of Avatar magic- this is where magic meets wildlife.
2. Purchase the Right Ticket:
    • Ensure your ticket includes the Park Hopper option, which allows you to visit more than one park per day. This may be more expensive, but trust us, it’s worth it!
    3. Plan Your Route:
      • Geography Matters: Consider the proximity of parks. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios are closer together, for instance, whereas Magic Kingdom can be reached by monorail.  When booking your resort, you can plan what park is most important and stay close by!
      • Transportation: Familiarize yourself with Disney’s transport system - buses, monorails, and boats connect the parks.
      4. Timing is Key:
        • Park Hopper Hours: Remember, park hopping usually starts at 2pm, but this may change in 2024.. 
        • Check Park Hours: Some parks may have extended hours or special events. Plan accordingly so you don’t miss any of the magic.
        5. Start with Strategy:
          • Early Start: Begin at the park you anticipate will be the busiest. We strongly suggest taking a nap in the middle of the day- this is a great way to ensure you are able to be a rope dropper and burn the midnight oil.
          • Fast Passes and Genie+: Use these wisely in the park where you want to cover the most ground.
          6. Dining Plans:
            • Consider where you want to have your meals. Park reservations can be key, especially for dinner.
            7. Take Breaks:
              • Don’t underestimate the value of a midday rest, especially if you’re tackling multiple parks. And drink water!  Pro tip- each restaurant will provide you with complementary water, and drink stations around the park will help you fill up water bottles.  This saves a significant amount of money daily!
              8. Utilize the App:
                • The Disney World app is invaluable for checking wait times, park hours, and even ordering food.
                9. Dress for the Day: 
                  • Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing are a must.
                  10. End on a High Note:
                    • Plan to end your day at the park with your favorite fireworks show or nighttime spectacle.

                    And also - remember to embrace spontaneity. Sometimes a ride is down for maintenance, the bus takes a little longer, or your little one needs a nap - asap. Embrace the pivot and have a magical time experiencing everything these parks have to offer!

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