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Magic Kingdoms on Both Coasts: Spotting the Differences

Hello park enthusiasts!

Ready for your next trip? 
Which coast are you heading to? If you’re stuck on West vs. East, here are a few of my top insights.

Having had the privilege of growing up on the West Coast, and then moving as an adult to the East, we’ve had a chance to do our fair share of magical exploring.  In visiting both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, there are some distinctly magical differences between the two parks you can expect to experience.

Don’t get me wrong, the magic is felt at both locations - fear not! But on a bicoastal adventure, here are a few key differences.

Size Matters
Disneyland, Walt Disney’s original dream, spans approximately 500 acres. In contrast, the Florida location covers a whopping 25,000 acres. And remember, bigger isn’t always better, especially if young feet are involved.

The Iconic Castle
You will spot significant differences in both venues with the iconic castle in your photo backdrops with Disneyland featuring Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and Disney World featuring Cinderella’s castle. While Cinderella’s castle is definitely bigger and more picturesque, Disneyland also boasts Walt’s original apartment- a history that can’t be matched.  (Did you know, the light is kept on in his old window to symbolize the magic?)

Beyond the Magic
Disneyland is where Walt’s dreams were realized, and it holds a nostalgic aura. It’s where Walt himself walked, dreamed, and created. Disney World carries that same dream, but is more expansive, with a broader range of experiences for every age and thrill seeker. 

Dining Experiences
Both parks offer unique dining experiences including New Orleans Square located in Disneyland, and the coveted Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. While the quality expectation is unrivaled at either location, both parks feature trademark culinary options that must be experienced to be understood, such as the Blue Bayou at Disneyland or Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom.  

As you venture from one coast to the other, remember that they hold significant differences, each park has its own magic that is felt as the rope drops. Whether you’re strolling down Disneyland’s intimate alleyways, or exploring the vast world of Florida’s Magic Kingdom, I can assure you there’s wonder waiting around every corner. Try out our favorites from both coasts: Cars Land in DCA (or any land in DCA, for that matter), or World Showcase in Epcot, particularly eating around the world. 

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