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Spooktacular Group Costumes for Your Magical Trip

Are you planning for a Spooktacular experience on your upcoming trip to the parks? Well then, let’s make sure you arrive in style!

This Halloween, Little Lady Shay Boutique is here to transform your group into the most magical ensemble, straight out of your favorite movies.

  1. Prince & Princesses: Step into a fairy tale with our wide range of prince and princess costumes. We have meticulously designed this collection to capture the essence and inspiration of each character, perfect for couples or groups wanting to recreate their favorite royal duo!
  2. The “Nightmare” Collection: Dive into the quirky world of Halloween Town with Jack, Sally, and the gang. This collection ensures that whether you’re singing on Spiral Hill or causing mischief with Lock, Shock, and Barrel, you’re doing it in style.
  3. Toy Story Troopers: To infinity and beyond! Get ready to channel your inner Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Jessie. Little Lady Shay’s collection ensures your group stands out, just like Andy’s favorite toys.
  4. Villainous Ventures: For those who believe a little mischief makes Halloween more fun, our Villains collection is perfect! Designed with a Halloween twist, these costumes will ensure you rule the night!
  5. Mouse Delights: An ode to a classic mascot - our costumes are not just outfits but a tribute to the true magic of this adventure. 
  6. Wreck-It-Wonders: Dive into the digital world of arcade games with Ralph and Vanellope. Our collection captures the vibrant energy of this classic! 
  7. Spooky Classics: Beyond the realm of iconic characters, there lies the sheer essence of Halloween. At Little Lady Shay Boutique, we’ve channeled this essence into a unique and fun collection of Halloween-themed designs, all inspired by the Magic of this adventure.

At Little Lady Shay Boutique, every design is a reflection of our love of both the parksand the spookiest time of the year. So, prepare for your next adventure, but don’t forget to don your Halloween best, before you begin your magical, and mysterious adventure!

Wishing you a spellbinding Halloween,

The Shays

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