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Top 10 Must-Have Disney World Park Souvenirs (& Their Locations)

What better way to preserve the magical memories of a park visit than with the perfect souvenir? As a frequent flyer to the parks, I always try and grab something significant that provides a memory of the experience.  When you decide to step foot into the magic of Disney World, you have a TON of options to shop from throughout the four different parks.

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Here are my top 10 favorites that I have discovered so far.

  1. Spaceship Earth Illuminating Globe. 
    Location: Mouse Gear in Epcot
    Newly renovated, this ride is a must-do for EPCOT travelers, and its mini light-up replica is the perfect souvenir to take home as a nightlight. 

  2. Elsa’s Enchanted Snowflake Necklace
    Location: Epcot’s Norway Pavilion in The Fjording
    No explanation needed when you can take home the essence of Arendelle’s magic!

  3. Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Chest
    Location: Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar in the Magic Kingdom
    Stash all your treasures in this authentic-looking mini chest, perfect for your mini pirates to be.

  4. Illuminated Disney World Castle Puzzle
    Location: Once Upon a Toy in Disney Springs
    A 3D puzzle that lights up - making it fun to create with a magical glow upon completion!

  5. Mickey Mouse Ears with Custom Embroidery
    Location: The Chapeau on Main Street
    Everyone has Mickey Ears but do they have custom embroidery to make them truly memorable?

  6. Cinderella’s Slipper Ornament
    Location: Arribas Brothers in Disney Springs
    I always grab a Christmas ornament because I love decorating the tree with the family and reminiscing about our favorite park experiences. This is a glass piece that shimmers in the twinkling lights and is preferably one of my favorites.

  7. Groot Shoulder Plush
    Location: Marvel Superhero Headquarters in Disney Springs
    My kids LOVE Groot, so this was a must-have as this cute little plush sits on your shoulder as your park-going companion.

  8. Grand Floridian Gingerbread House Kit
    Location: Grand Floridian Resort
    Seasonally these DIY kits are offered by the hotel, be sure to grab one for some sweet family fun and memories when you’re home.

  9. Hidden Mickey Pendant
    Location: Crystal Arts Shop on Main Street
    Small and elegant, for true Disney lovers, find this pendant featuring Mickey’s silhouette.

  10. Little Lady Shay Boutique
    Okay, while not something you can take home from the park, you can shop from our boutique ahead of time for the latest magical inspirations, and capture the magic while you’re there with the family. These souvenirs are priceless! Check them out.

A visit to the parks isn’t just about the rides and the shows - it’s about capturing the magic with your family. These souvenirs are your keys to unlocking fun memories long after. 

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Happy shopping!

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