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Family-Friendly Rides in the Magic Kingdom

If you’ve been to Disney with a toddler, you know that small moment of panic as you enter a ride and it goes pitch black. Shoot, is this ride family-friendly? Fear not, Disney fans! I am here, with my expert Magic Kingdom advice, to list a few rides you can’t go wrong with…and a few you can!

Magic Kingdom Rides - Toddler/Young Kid Friendly

  • It’s A Small World: One of my favorite rides. It’s a must-do no matter how many times we’ve been on it. It’s a slow-moving water boat tour through the various counties. It has singing, it has color and fun, and it has something to look at at every turn. And yes, that song will be stuck in your head the rest of the day… 
  • Peter Pan’s Flight: The only thing you need to look out for on this one is the wait… Known to have the longest wait in the park, this ride is a true classic.  Now, I’m not justifying 90 minutes in line for a 3-minute ride, but I am saying that everyone must experience this soaring adventure at least once. Oh, and the line is one of the best parts! 
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Who doesn’t love T-I-G-G-E-R? This is very reminiscent of the storybook, with Tigger bouncing throughout the ride, and even a short stint with some heffalumps and woozles. Super cute, super toddler-safe, super fun for mom and dad.
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant: This is your standard Dumbo ride, where you can move up and down as it goes around. It’s fun to see the park at a high distance, but if your kid prefers to stay lower, it’s still fun just to go around. Ride during the fireworks for a special treat!  You can’t go wrong!
  • Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel: Your standard carousel! Parents can stand with their children and wave as they go around, or join on the ride for a great time!  Keep your eye out for some characters that might just hop on… 
  • The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: Very similar to Dumbo, this ride goes up and down and is a nice break when the toddler needs some action…but not too much action. Pro tip: don’t sit in ‘spitting’ distance from the Camel- you’ll thank me later.
  • Mad Tea Party: Speaking of going around, this one is fun! Unless you have a daredevil child that demands you spin it as much as possible. Parents be warned, this ride has the potential to make you a touch dizzy, but kids love it. (Don’t ride for a mischievous husband…)
  • Mickey’s PhilharMagic: Another one of my favorites, this 3D “ride” is in a theater, and while a touch loud, kids can reach out to grab Donald Duck, fly on a carpet with Aladdin, and giggle with the silly antics throughout the short film. Save this for a hot afternoon… can we say Free air conditioning??

Magic Kingdome’s Slightly Thrilling Rides 

  • The Barnstormer: Don’t let Goofini fool you! While this is located in a seemingly younger-themed area of the Magic Kingdom - this ride whips! It goes 35mph, and while that may seem slow, on a tight turn and a larger hill, this does have some thrilling elements to it!  Ask my father-in-law’s chiropractor… 
  • Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: We absolutely love this ride. It’s a fun competition! But be warned it does have loud noises, and a few twists and turns as you are shooting at targets throughout to beat that Emperor Zurg. Kids who are sensitive to bright lights might want to put this one on their ‘wait’ list. 
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: This is another one of our favorites, but it’s dark. And for anyone who’s ever been on it before, we all know the small drop at the end is coming. It has just a little bit of creepiness in it to make younger kids nervous. This is different from the original at Disneyland, but we think it’s that much better! 
  • Jungle Cruise: What? Are you crazy Katy Shay? Yes, I get it. This ride is funny, it’s silly, and it’s rehearsed. BUT, all I’m saying is if you are a younger, first-time rider, the plot gets a little nerve-wracking. (cannibals, much?!)
  • The Haunted Mansion: No surprise here, while there are no drops, twists, or turns - in fact, it’s a slow-moving ride with no spooky jumps or surprises, the theme alone is just a little spooky. It gets dark, there are ghosts and ghouls, and some younger kids might find that just a little more thrilling than you were expecting. 

Let me know- what’s your favorite family ride at Magic Kingdom?  Any I missed?

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