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Wedding Inspiration

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the Shay family are die-hard Disney fans. It’s only evident in our home decor, our vacation choices, our business, and even our family celebrations. And the one that really started it all with our wedding - with an Up theme!

If you’re a Disney enthusiast like us, why not bring a touch of that magic to your Happily Ever After? Here are a few unique touches you can incorporate into your day bringing forth your love of all things magic, while also keeping it elegant and classy - we’re not talking Mickey ears for every guest here.  

Or are we? 

Up: An Adventure is Out There! (See photos for our wedding inspo!)

  • Invitations: Bring in Carl and Ellie’s favorite chairs and chic balloons with a whimsical feel. Add in pops of colors - a great palette to start with!
    • Table Decor: Dress up your tables like your favorite picnic, bringing the outside in with your favorite flowers.  
    • Paperwork: Keep the adventure going with a Postcard from Paradise Falls for your wedding program, with and Adventure Book as the guest book.  Don’t forget your Ellie badge (grape soda pin) to bring it all together. 

    Beauty & the Beast: A Tale as Old as Time

    • Centerpieces: Step 1, how to incorporate the enchanted rose? Your centerpieces of course! Bring in red roses, but also accent them with antique candelabras for a vintage feel that not only adds elegance but ties back into your theme. 
    • Custom Decor: Add in a saying for your aisle runner, or a decal that shines on the dance floor, “Tale as Old as Time.” Incorporate vintage books into your decor throughout - using them for seating charts, flower holders, and the gift table. Don’t forget a gold candelabra and tea set, bringing in some of your favorites from the film..
    • Entertainment: For the cocktail hour, hire a string quartet to play classical renditions of songs from the movie. 

    Haunted Mansion: ‘Til Death Do Us Part

    • Color Scheme: Opt for dark hues starting with your invites and save the dates, hinting at the mystery and fun that will be carried out on your big day.  Black wedding dress… anyone?? (okay, maybe just the bridesmaid dresses)
    • Decor: Continue with the theme including dim lighting, grand chandeliers, dark votive holders, and candelabras to carry on with that dark, yet elegant vibe.
    • Photo Fun: Include a photo booth for your guests, but change up the props from the usual wedding day ones to more ghosts, ghouls, and spirits.

    Cinderella: A Midnight Dream

    • Paperwork: Opt for unique invites, pumpkin carriage outlines, scrolls, and elegant calligraphy. For the seating chart, make them into royal announcements with the couple’s name written on the front - add an extra touch and seal it with blue wax.
    • Decor: I love the subtle touches that can come into play in a table centerpiece - add in light blue lighting in a vase, glass slippers as table number holders, or include watch chains, clocks, silver pumpkins, etc. 
    • Entrance & Exit: Nothing ties in the Cinderella theme more than the arrival and/or exit in a beautiful carriage. Believe it or not, they exist more often than not in your area! 

    And by the way, if you are just a lover of all things Disney and are having a hard time selecting one specific theme - that’s more fun!

    • Name your tables about your favorite movies or characters.
    • Include fun and whimsical cake decor including cascading flowers, a sugar glass slipper, etc.
    • Incorporate a famous romantic quote into your stationery, seating charts, and gift tables.
    • Use Disney maps, fast passes, and more in your stationery.

    As you can see, the world is your [magical] oyster, have fun with it! There are a ton of ideas that you can use to incorporate your love of Disney into your day. Why not start your happily ever after with some Disney magic?!

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